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News Archive for April - 2016


As we enter May and just maybe the sun will put on its hat so that your perennial plants will show their heads. In the main, this will be a delight and something we are all looking forward to, however there is a spreading menace that we all need to be aware of and guard against.

Japanese Knotweed is an alien species, it is one of those things we can thank the Victorians for. It is extremely aggressive, rapid growing and spreading disaster ...

Busy Cleaning Windows

At long last it seems that spring haz sprung and the grass iz riz, so now if you are wanting to sell or rent your home, it's the time to make sure your windows are sparkling.

One of the many questions we are always asked is "what do I need to do to make my home look its best?" Well there are lots of cliché answers including the old chestnut about decluttering. However, we feel the most important thing is the first and last impression your ...