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It's time to make sure your windows are sparkling

One of the many questions we are always asked is "what do I need to do to make my home look its best?" Well there are lots of cliché answers including the old chestnut about decluttering. However, we feel the most important thing is the first and last impression your home makes on a potential buyer or tenant. The first is when they arrive at the front gate and look at the property for the first time. If the front door is gleaming, the windows are sparkling and the front garden is tidy you have already got them into the right frame of mind.

Once through the front door, make sure the hallway is as uncluttered as feasible, nobody will have fond memories of your home if the first thing they do is fall over a pile of shoes and wellies! Obviously the tidier your whole home is the better chance you have of finding a buyer or tenant. Ealing is a conservative town (note the small c) and nobody expects you to put life on hold whilst you sell or rent your home.

As soon as the potential buyer or tenant has viewed your property and they get back outside, invariably they will take a look back again, those sparkling windows will allow them to walk away with that positive memory firmly in place.

If you do not have a window cleaner please do try ours, Martin Allen on 07870 509921 a traditional window cleaner since 1981