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There is nothing worse on a cold, dark day or evening than cold, dark rooms. Making your properties more welcoming will certainly help with renting or selling in these winter months. In order to maximise your property's viewing potential please ensure the following:

* That all light fittings and bulbs are working * For colder days we recommend setting the heating timer for an hour or two in the mornings and late afternoons. * Remove fallen leaves from front and rear gardens * Cut back shrubs and bushes, especially from front paths leading to the main entrance (there is nothing worse than trying to pass by wet, overgrown bushes on a garden path to access a house). * Remove any rubbish, broken furniture or unwanted items from a property, if you do not want them neither will a potential tenant or purchaser. * Even if the property will be given a professional clean prior to occupancy, a light clean will be a great benefit for viewings.

Follow these tips to help make your property become someone's new home!